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Tiger Spotlight

This week of December 4 Tiger Spotlight shines bright over Coach Greg Solis.

Mr. Solis is has been working very hard through this semester ensuring our students get the best quality PE program regime around. This year Mr. Solis has taken the initiative in the intra-sports leagues for the elementaries in the district . This new initiative has has great success and acceptance amongst parents and students throughout . Mr. Solis is an innovative and caring individual that has earned A+ tiger stamp of excellence. Thank you for your continued contributions and great work at our campus Coach Solis.
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This week of November 13 Tiger Spotlight shines very bright on Ms. Melissa Anzaldua ( Science Lab) teacher.

Mrs. Anzaldua is an extremely hardworking and mobile teacher. She is one the first teachers to arrive on campus and is one the last ones to leave everyday. Mrs. Anzualdua always ensures her science lab is up running and materials are ready so that the students get the best quality hands on instruction when they visit her classroom. Mrs. Anzaldua is also in charge of Destination Imagination GT program at the 5th grade campus and this year was also nominated to present in the Conference for the Advancement of Science Teaching ( CAST) in Houston, Texas this week . Ms. Anzaldua , your dedication and pep is what drives and motivates our students , thank you for the awesome job you are doing.
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This week of November 6 Tiger Spotlight shines on Mrs. Erika Cantu ( Counselor)

Mrs. Cantu is brand new to the 5th Grade Campus this year , however she is already making a positive impact on our students. Mrs. Cantu spearheaded our Red Ribbon Week Celebration from October 23-31st. Mrs Cantu secured presenters for all the students to speak about Drug Awareness. and just this week our kids were delighted with an anti-bullying pep rally . It is truly an honor having Mrs. Cantu on board and her dedication to our students is greatly appreciated .
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This week of October 23 Tiger Spotlight shines bright on Mrs. Ana Sepulveda.

Mrs. Sepulveda is our Reading Intervention Aide at the 5th Grade Campus . Everyday , Mrs Sepulveda works tirelessly to provide our students with the best quality small group interventions. During non-teaching hours , Mrs. Sepulveda arrives on campus before 6:50 AM and is ready to receive all students at the Library to work with our AR reading program. Mrs. Sepulveda is always available to tackle any task given to her and provides her dedication to any staff member needing assistance. Mrs. Sepulveda , your determination and hard work is truly noticed at the 5th Grade Campus. You are a 1st rate Tiger.
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This week of October 16 Tiger Spotlight shines bright on Mr. Jesus Lopez ( Resource)

Mr. Lopez arrives on campus everyday by 6:45 AM He ensures he is ready to start the day by planning strategically his schedule for servicing the students. Mr. Lopez meets regularly with the teachers and parents to ensure all students accommodations are in place . Mr. Lopez also coaches at Valley View JR High and is an active fundraising committee member at the 5th Grade Campus. Mr. Lopez thank you for your handwork and contributions to our students and school.
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This week of September 18 Tiger Spotlight shines on Laura Sanchez ( Attendance Clerk)

Mrs. Sanchez is a vital member of the administrative office team at 5th grade campus. Every morning , Mrs. Sanchez receives all parents in the office with a 1st rate welcome. She is also the first responder to calls coming in to the campus, but most importantly ensures all students are present and accounted for everyday.. Mrs. Sanchez , your efforts and excellent customer service never go unnoticed . Keep up the great work!
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This week of September 4 Tiger Spotlight at the 5th Grade Campus shines on Mr. Christopher Huerta (Lead Teacher) .

Mr .Huerta has been very resourceful and versatile in many areas around the campus. From ensuring curriculum was updated and complete , to assisting parents through the busy 1st week of school, and also making sure all campus duty schedules ran smoothly Mr. Huerta has shown great initiative and is always available without reservation. Thank you Mr. Huerta for your dedication.
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This week of September 9 Tiger Spotlight shines bright on Ana Mendoza ( Principals Secretary).

Mrs. Mendoza is new to the 5th Grade Campus this year, however she has embraced her new role and is already an indispensable asset to the 5th grade campus administration team No task is ever to small or to big for this do it all staff member. From making sure all PO's are on order at the blink of eye, to addressing teachers supply requests, and also ensuring students and parents are provided with the best customer service at all hours of the day. Mrs. Mendoza keep up the great work and fantastic work ethics
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